Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hits and Views for weekending 17/nov/13

wow... What a week it has been.... a 2 fold increase in views and hits compared to the last week... Hits and Views between 3/nov/13 to 9/nov/13: Hits and Views between 10/nov/13 to 16/nov/13:

The cumulative hits and views for this date range has been at least 4 times increase compared to what it was last month for the same period - Hits and Views between 1/oct/13 to 16/oct/13: Hits and Views for the period between 1/nov/13 to 16/nov/13:

wow again... The cumulative hits and views for nov '13 so far is already  2 times the hits and views for whole of the month of oct '13 - Hits and Views for whole of month Oct '13:

Its overwhelming to see that the users are understanding the concept behind -

You fail only when you don't attempt (again)


Wednesday, 13 November 2013 Approach - For Chapter Tests

Prepare – Attempt – Improve

1. Go through a particular chapter in PMBOK® 5th edition.
2. Attempt the Chapter test for the corresponding chapter to know where you stand.
3. If you score > 80% and happy with all the sections performance for the chapter, go to next chapter.
4. If you score less than 80% in the chapter, use your dashboard to understand the weaker sections in the chapter.
5. Go through the PMBOK®, Process ITTO and the video tutorials in order to prepare for the weaker sections.
6.  Attempt the chapter test until you score 80%.
7. Follow the above process for all the chapters and ensure you score more than 80% in all the chapters. Process to use Chapter Tests

Thursday, 7 November 2013 Hits and Views

Good to see a steady increase in hits and views for - Graph

Hits for this week have really been good. Nice to see hits from all around the world - Hits and Views this Nov 2013 week

Has been a good improvement compared to last 2 months -  Hits and Views for Sept 2013  Hits and Views for Oct 2013
Hope to break into 10000s on a daily basis with the addition of content to New Audio and Video tutorials.

Since the Audio and Video tutorials will mentor around the mock tests and exams, the hits and views should go up in the coming weeks and months.