Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hits and Views for weekending 17/nov/13

wow... What a week it has been.... a 2 fold increase in views and hits compared to the last week... Hits and Views between 3/nov/13 to 9/nov/13: Hits and Views between 10/nov/13 to 16/nov/13:

The cumulative hits and views for this date range has been at least 4 times increase compared to what it was last month for the same period - Hits and Views between 1/oct/13 to 16/oct/13: Hits and Views for the period between 1/nov/13 to 16/nov/13:

wow again... The cumulative hits and views for nov '13 so far is already  2 times the hits and views for whole of the month of oct '13 - Hits and Views for whole of month Oct '13:

Its overwhelming to see that the users are understanding the concept behind -

You fail only when you don't attempt (again)


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