Saturday, 21 September 2013

Improve your PMP Exam Preparation with Dashboard

1. The dashboard is a nice utility to look and improve your pmp exam preparation.

2. The dashboard is accessible from the Chapter Tests page  when you are logged in, with your registered Email id.

3. Once you start taking the Chapter Tests, your scores are charted in the dashboard page.

4. The dashboard  shows chapter-wise performance.

5. Since the Chapter Tests have questions from each of the sections in the PMBOK®, You can look at the section-wise split-up of your scores too.

6. Based on your split-up, you know which are your weak areas and you can concentrate on those chapters and sections.

7. The questions in the Chapter Tests are intentionally first-level in order to make you thorough with the PMBOK®.

8. The Chapter Tests are also intentionally a bit critical in terms of picking specific lines from the PMBOK® just to ensure that you are thorough with the PMBOK® as such. They can be a bit nerve wrecking too.

9. This is mainly because most of the people who have had success with the PMP exam will necessary have to be thorough with the PMBOK® then, they are in a much better position to answer the scenario based questions.

10. The Chapter Tests simulate the actual exam with a timer at the top and giving about 1 minute duration for each of the questions.

11. It is good to have an average of 80% in all the chapters since in the actual exam you have to get 131 out of the 175 questions correct, which means you need to get about 75%.

12. Your chapter-wise percentage scored is also visible in the Chapter Tests page within a small box beside the Start Now button.

13. Prior to taking a test, the concerned box shows 80% , which is your pass criteria for the chapter.

14. Although there is a separate mock exam section, currently, the mock exam  is not integrated into the dashboard .

15. Take the Chapter Tests and benefit using the dashboard 

16. Good luck with your PMP exam preparation.

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