Sunday, 29 September 2013 - Free Dashboard for PMP Mock Exam

Dashboard for Free PMP mock exams:

There are not many sites out there in the web that offer free PMP exams simulating the original exam. Add to this, many more firsts like free PMP online training , unique chapter-wise tests and the list goes on. Now, here is one more first of its kind. has extended the chapter-wise test dashboard interface to the mock exams too. Now, exam takers can not only take free exams simulating the original but also visit anytime to check their previous performances and make any no. of exam attempts to improve their performance. All the attempts get stored in the mock exam dashboard and can be checked during future visits.

Currently there is a dashboard available for the Mock Exams in the mock exam launch page. So far, the dashboard was part of only the chapter tests. The Mock Exam Dashboard can be accessed in the mock exam launch page as shown here -
Mock Exam Dashboard

All you have to do is register for free and take the mock exams and you can see your results in the dashboard. You can make multiple exam attempts and all those attempts will be visible as separate graphs in the dashboard -
Dashboard for multiple Attempts

Percentage Scored in a PMP Mock Exam Attempt

Also, from the dashboard page, you can check your Knowledge Area (KA)-wise performance and process group-wise performance too by accessing the Show Split-Up url -

Split-Up Performance for a PMP Mock Exam 

KA-Wise Performance Graph specific to a PMP Mock Exam attempt:
Knowledge Area Performance Graph
Knowledge Area Performance Tabular Data

Process Group-Wise Performance Graph specific to a PMP Mock Exam attempt:
Process Group Performance Graph and Tabular Data

The PMP Mock Exam - 1 currently has around 75 questions and more questions are being rapidly added to make it soon a full-fledged 200 questions exam while the  PMP Mock Exam - 2 has around 50 questions.

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