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Develop Project Management Plan Process - PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition

Develop Project Management Plan Process
4.2 Develop Project Management Plan
The Develop Project management Plan process is concerned with detailing the project management plan from the different subsidiary plans. Note that planning is an iterative process and the subsidiary plans are an input to create the detailed PM Plan while the PM Plan becomes an input for development of each of the subsidiary plans.
Introduction - Part 1
Planning and executing are iterative by nature. This aspect is also the basis for progressive elaboration and  roll-wave planning.
The PM Plan is the baseline document to come up with change requests and also in deciding if change requests must be approved weighing different project constraints and objectives stated in the PM Plan.

Introduction - Part 2
Project Charter: This is an important document during the initial iteration of development of the project management plan since it has the high-level milestones, assumptions and requirements apart from risks and other aspects.
Subsidiary Plans: These are the outputs from other planning processes useful in building the PM Plan because the PM Plan is the holder for all the other plans.
Enterprise Environmental Factors: These factors are an important input mainly for the initiating and the planning processes because they set up the project constraints.
Organizational Process Assets: Template to build the PM Plan is one of the assets used among others like the wide-spread process followed to build PM plan for other similar other projects, tailoring guidelines etc.

Inputs - Part 1

Inputs - Part 2
Tools & Techniques:
Expert Judgment: PMO intervention in terms of setting standards, project management tool selection and also providing tailoring guidelines.
Facilitation Techniques: Planning usually factors-in opinions coming from different levels. So, the participants need to be encouraged to express their views. Techniques like brainstorming,  and meetings are effective in these lines.
Tools and Techniques
Project Management Plan: The PM Plan, once approved, becomes the baseline document and any changes need to follow the change control process in order for the plan to be rebaselined. The subsidiary plans are considered part of the pm plan. All the client requirements and objectives stated in the project charter need to be factored in the PM Plan for the project manager to track effectively and control the same in case of any variation.

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