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Plan Schedule Management - PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition

6.1 Plan Schedule Management

The Plan Schedule Management Process is concerned with creating the schedule management plan. The schedule management plan is concerned with keeping the project schedule managed, monitored and controlled, in case of any changes to schedule.

6.1 Plan Schedule Management

The Plan Schedule Management Process has the "process" for -

1. Decomposing the WBS to an activity list. 
2. Documenting the activity interrelationships in the form of a network diagram.
3. Doing activity resource estimates.
4. Doing activity duration estimates.
5. Developing the detailed schedule
6. Controlling Schedule in case if there is a variance

The tools and techniques for the different schedule processes are also decided and documented in the schedule management plan looking at the project constraints and the competing objectives.

Plan Schedule Management - Introduction
1, PM Plan: The Project Management Plan is an important input to the plan schedule management process because, planning by itself is an iterative process. The PM Plan mostly starts with an outline for each section  and then, each of the sections get elaborated into a detailed subsidiary plan as the project planning gains momentum.
So, the subsidiary plans are an input to develop project management plan process and PM Plan is a vital input to each of the subsidiary plans.
2. Project Charter: The Project Charter is the most detailed document when the project enters the planning phase. It also has the high-level details with respect to all the knowledge areas. This is where it becomes a reference document in the first few iterations of project planning.
3. Enterprise Environmental Factors: What are the external factors influencing the project? Is the project being done by a virtual team? Are there are labor unions in the organization? What positive or negative impacts can the external environment have on the project?
Plan Schedule Management - Inputs - Part 1
4. Organizational Process Assets: Templates are very important input in the first iteration of planning. What is the process followed so far in coming up with a plan in previous similar projects?
Plan Schedule Management - Inputs - Part 2
Tools and Techniques:
1. Expert Judgment: Opinions from experienced managers or SMEs in similar projects are taken into account while detailing the plan.
2. Analytical Techniques: Brainstorming , delphi technique or taking surveys / polls and any other techniques relevant to collecting facts , data or opinions to analyze and come up with a well derived plan.
3. Meetings: The SMEs and the PM spend time in meetings during planning to walk through all objectives, gather opinions and come up with the best approach relevant to the project.
Plan Schedule Management - Tools & Techniques

The Schedule Management Plan is the output from Plan Schedule Management process and it has the details about how other processes within the Project Time Management Knowledge area will be performed and also how they will be monitored and controlled once the baseline is approved.
Plan Schedule Management -  Outputs

Plan Schedule Management - Match the following

Plan Schedule Management - Match the following (Answers)

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