Friday, 25 October 2013

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Here is the gist about this process:

- Addressing the different stakeholder needs
- Ensure Stakeholders stay communicated at the planned milestones and at any vital points as planned
- Ensure methods or modes of communications are followed as stated in the communication management plan
- Track issues and update the stakeholders on a regular basis
- Communicate change requests status in change log
- Track changes and raise appropriate change requests for input to ICC process
- Update OPA with lessons learnt or any process tailoring / optimization details
- Ensure PMP stays updated due to changes in timeline or cost due to new issues
- Use communication techniques like negotiation and people management effectively to increase chances of project success

Based on the above gist, here are the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs:

Stakeholder Management Plan
Commmunications Management Plan
Change Log
Organizational Process Assets

Tools and Techniques
Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Management Skills

Issue Log
Change Requests
OPA updates
PMP Updates
PD Updates


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