Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Project Scope Management - Define Scope Process

The Define Scope Process deals with defining the inclusions and exclusions of the project. The actual product features are defined here. While the Collect Requirements will result in an exhaustive list of requirements, not all those requirements can be handled now. So, this is where define scope process is important. In this process, the product features get defined and mainly the exclusions for the current project phase are clearly defined.
Define Scope Process Introduction

The project scope statement, the main output for this process, has the following details :
- Product Characteristics
- Exclusions
- Product Acceptance Criteria
- Assumptions
- Constraints

The following are the inputs to this process:
1. The scope management plan has the details about how the scope will be defined and how the scope statement will be tailored for this project.
2. The Project Charter has the high-level details, provided by the sponsor. The different constraints, assumptions are picked from here and detailed thereon by progressively elaborating  the details.
3. Requirements Documentation has the sum total  of all requirements collected from different stakeholders with mostly a priority assigned to each of the requirements
4. Organizational Process Assets are used to refer prior lessons or best practices.

Define Scope Process Inputs - 2

The following are the tools and techniques for this process:
1. Expert Judgment: Consultants might be used if the project is in a niche area.
2. Product Analysis: Requirement breakdown to come up with proper details and product characteristics.
3. Alternatives Identification: For the given constraints, what other alternatives exist and how they can fit the current context.
4. Facilitated Workshops: A cross-functional team brainstorms and analyses different options to come up with the most feasible product features or breakdown.
Define Scope Process Tools and Techniques - 1

Define Scope Process Tools and Techniques - 2

Define Scope Process Tools and Techniques - 3

The following are the outputs:
1. Project Scope Statement
2. Project Document Updates: Updates to supporting documents like requirement traceability matrix, risk register etc.


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