Monday, 14 October 2013

Plan Scope Management Process

The Plan Scope Management process deals with laying out a plan to deal with scope handling. How scope will be handled? What will be the road map? What paper work can be done at the moment? The scope management plan is the document that details how scope statement, WBS will be created and scope validation will be performed in order to get client acceptance. The better the scope management plan is created, the higher the probability that the project will not suffer scope creep.
Plan Scope Management Introduction

The following are the inputs to this process:
1. Project Charter: This is the prime input during the initial stages of the project and mainly planning processes involving scope, time and cost. The level of detail available initially is highest in case of this document. It details about product features, project inclusions and exclusions becoming the main criteria to layout the scope management plan according to those criteria.
2. Project management Plan: This is the master plan and all subsidiary plans are part of it. So, any inputs that can be gained from the different subsidiary plans helps in creation of the scope management plan. Also, PM plan is one of the initial documents to be written once the project charter is ready so, this becomes a vital input.
3. Enterprise Environmental Factors: During the planning process, the context in which the organization is performing is an important consideration.
4. Organizational Process Assets: Any existing documents or lessons learnt from previous similar projects are vital time-savers and also help in reusing previous experience to gain mileage rather than reinventing the wheel.
Plan Scope Management Process Inputs

Plan Scope Management Process Inputs

The following are the important Tools and Techniques for this process:
1. Meetings: Like any other planning process, this is a vital tool since most of the manager's time is spent in planning and meetings are the best way to get different stakeholders in a formal setting to gather inputs.
2. Expert Judgment: During planning process, prior experience helps improve productivity and can result in cost saving. So, any experience from SMEs or managers is useful.
Plan Scope Management Process Tools & Techniques

The following are the outputs for this process:
1. Scope Management Plan: The scope management plan details how scope will be managed, validated and controlled. The scope management plan provides the outline to detail different artifacts part of the scope knowledge area.
2. Requirements Management Plan: The requirement management plan details how requirements will be managed and how requirement trace ability will done through all phases of the project life cycle. Configuration management process as to how changes will be handled is also part of requirements management plan.
Plan Scope Management Process Outputs

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