Friday, 25 October 2013

pm-prep35 Toppers List Update

Good to see chapter tests getting filled with toppers list -

Chapter-1 and Chapter-2:   >90% scorer:
pm-prep35 Chapter-1 Toppers List

Chapter-2 Toppers List
These chapters seem to be among the tougher ones. The pass percentage is too low for these two chapters. Being the first two chapters, it is among  the first everyone starts studying but maybe the test has got better off in this case.

Chapter-3 ,Chapter-4 ,Chapter-5, Chapter-6, Chapter-11: No toppers yet
Chapter-4 Toppers List
Chapter-5 Toppers

Chapter-3 Toppers List

Being one of the main chapters any PMP aspirant would like to be thorough with, not any passers in these chapters, although there have been takers.

Chapter-7 Toppers List:

Takers seem to believe in taking their time to prepare. This seems to be a consistent pattern across the different tests and takers seem to return after a brief period of preparation. 

Chapter-8 Toppers List:

The one and only 100% scorer that too in the very first attempt. Important to note that this doesn't have many passers although it has had many takers -

Chapter-10 Toppers List:

Some of the takers are regular -

Chapter-10 Toppers List

Chapter-13 Toppers List:

Some of the takers seem to enjoy the test while others use it to check their consistency. Chapter-13 test seems to be favorite among takers at the moment.

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